Name That Trauma:: Ren in Texas on a Haunted Cowboy Boot

Hey there Folks,

Just stumbled across your great website and thought I would add in my two cents. There’s a movie that’s been floating around in my head since I was a little tyke…but I can’t remember what the heck it is. It may even be a TV show.

All I remember is a room that is on fire (possibly) and a creepy red cowboy boot moving across the floor on it’s own. I seem to remember it killed people or something stupid like that. I just can recall a lady in a room on fire, with a red boot passing by her, as if the boot has caused this mayhem. That might sound incredibly stupid, but it has been in my head for years. Think you guys could help me out?


Dallas, Texas

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9 years ago

Might this have been from the “Friday the Thirteenth” TV Show? The TV show had pretty much nothing to do with the movie series – the premise of the show was that a group of “Scoobie Gang” characters have to hunt down cursed antiques that kill people; the antique’s owner would benefit from the killing in some way for a while, but the curse would eventually backfire. I don’t remember any episode involving cursed cowboy boots, but what you describe would fit right into the typical formula… for example, there was a haunted teacup with vines drawn on the side which would animate and kill people who drank from the cup.