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Name That Trauma:: Tomb on a Public Pool Drowning

August 25th, 2015 by unkle lancifer · 3 Comments

Hello fellow, Traumites, freaks, geeks, and all the ships at sea…TomB here with the latest…

Well a couple years ago I submitted a, Name that Trauma with some erroneous clues. Lucky for me those wizards at IMDB solved it within a day. Turns out I wasn’t watching a Made for TV movie; it was a mid 50’s drama called, “Bigger Than Life” starring James Mason, and directed by the great Nicholas Ray. For some reason my memory re-branded it as a made for TV… hmmmm!

Pretty good movie btw.

See a young Walter Matthau as a smoothie chuggin’ Gym teacher… I do not lie. You can Reddit that.

Here’s a new Name that Trauma. Pools always scared me as a child. I had an irrational fear of drowning, and always hated the deep end. Sometime in the 70’s I saw a gritty 60’s urban jungle type movie (ala Elia Kazan) with Peurto Rican or Italian gangs in NYC .. Anyway, in a crowded public pool a group of young teens jump in a pool and start dunking a rival teen. He pleads for them to stop, declaring “I’m not a good swimmer”, then he’s ultimately drowned. Now here’s where my memory gets shaky; I don’t know if he was knifed in the pool, or that was another scene. As stated, this movie had a gritty feel to it like Elia Kazan type films.


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