Name That Trauma:: Tracey B. on a Crying Cleaver Killer

Greetings from Chicagoland!

Circa 1980, I'm flipping through a black-and-white horror mag, title unknown, and see a bit of story involving a man with a cleaver cutting up a conscious woman. A big panel shows her arched backwards over a table or butcher's block, her arm cut off at the elbow, while he's holding her down with one hand, cleaver upraised in the other. A few panels later, his attack is over. Another small panel shows him mostly offscreen; he's standing before her head, now split in half lengthwise at the front, lying on the table / block. Cleaver hanging at his side, he cries(??!?!??!!?), with dialogue saying, "Oh, Ellen.... Ellen...." (Could've been Helen, but I think Ellen is correct.) The last panel I recall shows him clutching a struggling bird while splitting it with the cleaver. I quit reading when he started going after other animals.

I'd like to know what the hell this made-up murderer's problem was and to get some satisfaction in seeing him suffer. Thank you, thank you, thank you for any leads.

Thank you more for helping humanity, one Kindertrauma at a time!

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Dr. Shrinker
Dr. Shrinker
2 years ago

I remember one from the 70s about two brothers who are butchers. The splash panel at the beginning is much like what you describe. They fight over the woman they love and, in a fit of rage, he chops her up, including splitting her head in half lengthwise. The other brother, distraught over what has happened, kills his murderous brother instantly. The twist? …. They were conjoined twins! The heartbroken brother now carries the rotting corpse of his brother attached to him.

Pretty sick stuff, isn't it?