Name That Trauma:: Xminus on an Avalanche and a Talking Rock

I need your help as winter approaches. I have a movie stuck in my head and I can not find the name of it. All I have to go on is it was on TV, not sure when or what channel, and it might be a made for tv movie, I am not sure. All I can remember is that there was an avalanche, and someone is dying , and up to their neck in snow and they start hallucinating and talking to a rock of all things. I remember the guy naming the rock rocky and the rock had a mouth that said I have always been here and always will be. Then the mouth on the rock vanishes and the guy gets a little frantic and the screen fades to black shortly after. I need to know I was not just making this up, and any help will be appreciated.

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3 years ago

Could it be the made-for-TV movie “Avalanche Alley” (2001)? I’ve never seen it but your description made me curious so I did some sleuthing. Hope this helps!