NILBOG Is GOBLIN Spelled Backwards!


nilbog goblin backwards Troll 2
 Although barely a dot on a map and with a population of a mere 26, the town of Nilbog has quite a reputation. It’s thought of as a wonderful half empty town full of farmers who live like our ancestors did hundreds of years ago. You can barely step into a supermarket these days without being exposed to row after row of their vitamin enriched milk. The townsfolk are devout vegetarians but not complete wet blankets. Many believe that the new “HAND GLASSES” dance craze that’s sweeping the nation originated in the little hamlet. But if you’re looking for that famous country hospitality, I suggest you look elsewhere. I contend that there’s a skeleton in Nilbog’s closet and that skeleton is not a skeleton, that skeleton is a goblin! For it has come to my attention that the town’s very name is GOBLIN spelled backwards. Feel like vomiting? The line starts behind me.For the non-believers out there I challenge you to this experiment. First, grab a piece of scrap paper and a writing utensil preferably a feather dipped in ink. Now write the evil town’s name NILBOG on that paper. After waiting several minutes for the ink to dry hold the scrap of paper, words side out in front of a piece of reflecting glass such as a bathroom mirror (or for you ladies a handy compact.) THERE, DO YOU SEE IT? If you concentrate hard and squint your eyes I’m sure you can make out the despicable word “GOBLIN.”“Who are the goblins?” some may ask. Well I assure you that they are not the stuff of fairy tales, they are real. They are cruel deformed forest dwellers and they are spiteful and impudent. No, I did not say impotent. I said impudent, look it up. They can transform themselves into flesh and blood creatures whenever and however they want…They can! These vengeful evil creatures make you eat green pudding until you start to sweat chlorophyll green- the color of goblins, the color of sap. They then turn you into a half-man half-plant, their favorite food! They do all of this with a voracity that has no equal. Why? No reason. Goblins don’t need to justify their cruel acts. If NILBOG has nothing to hide, why has my every inquiry been rebuffed? I’ve gotten the cold shoulder from both Creedence Leonore Gielguld AND Sheriff Gene Freak. In fact, when I asked the sheriff a simple question that was not related to this case, “Where could I find some single unattached girls?” He just laughed in my face and drove off. What are you hiding Sheriff? Did you really think offering me an ear of corn with green butter on it would shut me up? I got news for you Freak, tonight I’ll be doing more research on your dirty little goblin kingdom. Tonight I’ll be by watching TROLL 2!  
goblin troll 2 nilbog

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