Official Traumatizer: Author Richard Adams

Very recently (12,24,16) we lost the great and noble inadvertent traumatizer, author RICHARD ADAMS who passed away at the ripe old age of 96. Two of ADAMS’ books, WATERSHIP DOWN and PLAGUE DOGS, both concerning the plight of vulnerable animals in a heartless world, were turned into animated feature films which subsequently have been responsible for more indelible anguish than any less well meaning horror film. I think it’s safe to say that on these pages we have received more traumafessions (HERE, HERE and HERE for example) regarding WATERSHIP DOWN than any flick starring Freddy Krueger. With it’s notorious “shotgun scene,” PLAGUE DOGS makes it clear that it’s just as woke, savvy and capable of shredding viewers every preconception of what animated films were capable of depicting.

I wish I could honestly tell you that I’ve read either of the books mentioned but no, I haven’t and I can safely say that I never will because hey, I know my limitations. I’m sure I told you before that I’d rather see a human decapitated than a bunny with a splinter. In any case, we here at Kindertrauma salute RICHARD ADAMS eternally for fighting the good fight and opening so many minds to the vulnerability and emotional complexity of our four-footed friends. WATERSHUP DOWN and PLAGUE DOGS may have traumatized many an unsuspecting young viewer but sometimes that’s what you have to do to shake a human from his or her cocoon of complacency. Like any great Artist ADAMS changed a lot of hearts. Now go hug the nearest animal in honor of him!

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6 years ago

“Time and Tide” (Alan Price song), the theme to the 1982 film The Plague Dogs, sung by Alan Price (of The Animals)

6 years ago

I haven’t permitted myself to watch Watership Down because I wanted to read the book first. Well, I have the book and I need to dig it out for a read.