Official Traumatot:: Harvey Stephens


Portraying little Damien Thorn in 1976’s THE OMEN, HARVEY STEPHENS brought an incredible naturalness to a part that may be the last word in evil child roles. With his light hair dyed jet black and his butter wouldn’t melt smirk STEPHENS rode his tricycle into the nightmares of viewers of all ages. His admission into the sacred ranks of The Traumatot guild is a no-brainer. He may have only one major film role to his credit but when you do something right the first time why mess with perfection?

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14 years ago

THE OMEN was the first Horror movie I ever saw. My parents were watching it on TV and they told me THREE TIMES to leave the room but I was a smart-ass and stayed in the room. When I was terrified later on they said “Serves ya right!” Man,w as that little Damien kid creepy. He could make ANY scene scary….that scene at the zoo scared the crap out of me and looking back it’s not even THAT scary a scene. it probably wouldn’t have worked with just any kid as Damien, but that Damien was so evil looking that he coudl just stand in a scene doin’ nothin’ and it would be scary!