Official Traumatot:: Reader Renee Nominates Veronica Cartwright

Dear Auntie and Uncle:

How about VERONICA CARTWRIGHT (As an official Traumatot)? As a kid she did THE BIRDS, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, ONE STEP BEYOND, and THE CHILDREN’S HOUR (which I found quite horrifying, despite it’s not being a horror film). As an adult she went on toALIEN, INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK (okay it sucked and it’s not horror but it has “witches” in the name and makes the list longer), and several unnerving appearances on THE X FILES.

Come on! Give her a chance!

Respectfully submitted,

Renee T.

Dear Renee, you are, as they say, preaching to the choir. VERONICA CARTWRIGHT is a favorite around here and we could not agree with you more. Besides the fine films you mentioned, she also popped up in CANDYMAN 2: FAREWELL TO THE FLESH and the kinder-fave anthology film NIGHTMARES (VERONICA starred in the segment NIGHT OF THE RAT). She even got to parody ELLEN BURSTYN‘s EXORCIST character Chris MacNeil in SCARY MOVIE 2. Semi recently she took another jab at the problems with pod people in the mega-dud THE INVASION. VERONICA, regardless of the production, seems to just get better with age and we are happy to fulfill your request Renee and offer her full TRAUMATOT status. In fact, I don’t know why we never thought of it before. Find out more about VERONICA at her very own website HERE.

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12 years ago

YAY!  She fits the bill as a “Trauma Tot!”  She was great as the nervous kid in “The Birds” and as an adult one can never forget her screaming at the end of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (1978).  Get this: I have heard that she was originally considered for the Lt. Ripley role in “Alien” but of course, it went to some relative newcomer!  Oh, she did have a sister who was in “Lost in Space” BTW.

Meep Parker
Meep Parker(@meep-parker)
12 years ago

Ah, Veronica. Her eyes send me into a zombie like trance and I can never take them off of her.

Loved all the movies already mentioned, but I must give her special love for vomitous role in THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK.

Mmmm, Cherries!

Jeff Allard
Jeff Allard(@jeff-allard)
12 years ago

I love Veronica Cartwright! I had a crush on her ever since I saw her in The Birds. Of course, by the time that I saw The Birds on TV as a kid in the ’70s it wasn’t long before I saw her as an adult in Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Alien and I liked her all the more.

12 years ago

She also played Marceline Jones to Powers Boothe’s Jim Jones in “Guyana Tragedy,” which was traumatizing all by itself.

12 years ago

Ah, wow, who can forget lovely Veronica getting splattered by blood by the Alien chestburster? At the time I hadn’t realised she had such an extensive film career. She really is a lot prettier than she appears on film. Good actress as well.