Traumafessions :: Reader Fox on Wizards

I’m amazed that you don’t have RALPH BAKSHI’s classic trauma WIZARDS on your site.


Oh, where to begin with WIZARDS? Someplace between a sweet faerie (dressed in a baby blue onesie, no less) named Sean getting blasted through the heart with a sniper rifle and the bad guy’s machine projecting one of Hitler’s speeches into the sky during a horrible bloody battle, this cartoon is supposed to have a message of non-violence.

It’s an all-out battle between technology and magic, with technology being the ultimate baddie. It takes place in Earth’s own future, after nuclear war has split society into good faeries and mutants. There are many up-close shots of creatures good and bad getting blown up complete with cartoon blood and guts. Loud gunshots, yelling and crying all set with Hitler bloviating in the background: it’s enough to give an adult nightmares and they showed it to us in grade school.

With BAKSHI‘s unique drawing style, the images of their war are burned into my memory. Ultimately, with the twist ending, it’s hard to say which side actually won the war.

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13 years ago

Holy cow–poor Fox saw this in grade school?!  It’s a little better than screening “Heavy Metal” (“it’s a cartoon–kids dig cartoons”), but only *just*…!  I caught “Wizards” during my mid-teens in my “let’s practice being a sophisticated art student” phase and it had a heck of an impact even then.