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Official Traumatot :: Sammy Snyders

January 24th, 2008 by aunt john · No Comments

sammy snyders is going to kill you!
After his trailblazing performance as Jamie Benjamin, a sexually-charged preteen plagued with poor social skills, a bad bowl cut, and a penchant for feeding neighbors to the carnivorous creatures living in THE PIT, the IMDB trail on child actor sensation SAMMY SNYDERS just about runs cold, save for an appearance in an episode of something called THE LITTLEST HOBO. Based solely on his stellar work in THE PIT, KINDERTRAUMA is pleased to bestow a TRAUMATOT award upon Mr. SNYDERS. Fans of SNYDERS will be pleased to know that after leaving the big and small screen behind, he is now “one of Toronto’s hottest jazz teachers!Jazz dance, that is.

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