Phantasm vs. Star Wars

Everybody knows that those little grave robbing critters from PHANTASM look exactly like those trash pickin’ Jawa dudes from STAR WARS. Everybody also knows that STAR WARS came out in 1977 and PHANTASM came out in 1979. Some folks are telling me though that PHANTASM took several years to make and actually got to the miniature robed creatures first! Much like with every other debate that gets people all worked up and ready to blow things up, I like to take a “I could give a crap” stance. (Keep in mind, this is coming from somebody who knows firsthand that GEORGE LUCAS is a plagiarist on account of I invented the Ewok!) Can’t we all just get along? To me STAR WARS and PHANTASM are two great tastes that taste great together just like peanut butter and jelly, LAVERNE & SHIRLEY and rainy days and nooses! Check these pix for more proof!

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Father Merrin
Father Merrin
13 years ago


13 years ago

Best Mash-up ever!

13 years ago

I second Umlaut: BEST EVAR! 😉

Amanda By Night
13 years ago


Kevin Maher
10 years ago

that’s a fantastic set of images you put together.

Also, years ago I attended PHANTASMANIA, which included screenings of all four films with the cast and Don. During the Q&A no one brought up STAR WARS, but someone did ask about all the DUNE stuff in the movie. Reggie Bannister gave this wonderfully charming reply about how musicians influence each other, but Don came out and said that for a time there’d been talk of a Dune movie, but it never happened and then he put some Dune imagery in his film (specifically the desert planet/red planet and the hand in the box, “fear is the killer.”)