Reader Xaero on an Acidic Claymation Dog


I got one for you guys….

It happened when I was 11 or so. There was some claymation ‘toon on T.V. I was in a restaurant so there wasn’t any sound, but I vividly remember:

  1. A woman in a wrestling ring surrounded by acid
  2. A dog (her dog?) getting thrown into the acid
  3. The dog struggling in the acid
  4. Cut to a scene a few seconds later with a dog SKELETON, still moving, in the acid pit and then sinking

I want to say it was CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH because of the wrestling ring.


UPDATE: NAME THAT TRAUMA SOLVED! Thanks to Tracky JonJon for pointing us towards the correct episode of CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH.

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Tracky JonJon
Tracky JonJon
13 years ago

The Celebrity Deathmatch episode where Michael Jackson fights Madonna has Michael Jackson turn into a hamster before getting kicked into a pool of hydrochloric acid before the scene you describe above occurs. You catch watch it here: