Streaming Alert:: Home For The Holidays (1972)

Hey folks, I have a lot of egg nog in my system and that means I don’t have time to play with you. DON’T EVEN call yourself a horror fan if you’ve never seen HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS…serious…DON’T EVEN. I don’t care if it tastes like medicine….you eat it anyway!!! What I do for you kids! My computer is so ancient that every sentence I write is preceded by a spinning rainbow ball! It keeps spinning and spinning! It’s making me dizzy! The simplest post is like knitting a sweater! Not that you care with your instagrams! Did I spell that right? You know what? Why don’t you put your criticisms where the monkey puts the nuts? One day your Unkle will be dead and gone like a VHS tape and you’ll be all teary-eyed and missing me never realizing that YOU ARE THE MURDERER! Glug-glug..hiccup and furthermore glug-glug Smurfs in the ceiling!!!! Ah, look at the pretty pretty lights!!!!! Happy Merry Christmas Eve. I love you!!!!

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Caffeinated Joe
6 years ago

I have wanted to see this for awhile, so thanks for sharing. Hope everyone here had a Merry Christmas and here’s too a traumatic – but good -New Year!