The Burning

This summer camp slasher opus has one ingredient most neglect… little campers! And guess what? Old roasted face Cropsy, the resident maniac, ain’t checking IDs. He doesn’t care how old you are! He’s got a pair a gardening shears and he’s going to use them regardless of your age, virgin status or level of responsibility for his hideous disfigurement! What’s that you say? You have no desire to see kids terrorized in such a fashion? What if I told you the kids were Jason Alexander, Holly Hunter and the highly disposable Fisher Stephens? I thought so. THE BURNING may seem like a garden variety slasher film but it’s always zigging where the others zag and it’s got a crazy score by YES man Rick Wakeman. If that’s not enticing enough, you’ve got Tom Savini gore meister extraordinaire providing the flying body parts! On the downside there are Weinsteins in the
production credits so be prepared for tacked on endings, William Burroughs inspired editing, continuity chasms, and a general disdain for the directors original vision.


  • the raft scene
  • the raft scene
  • and the raft scene!

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15 years ago

I always wanted a hand job from Cropsy….

2 years ago

Hey the deaths of the hooker and Glazer are disturbing highlights as well…