The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

Puppy-eyed Dodger (MACKENZIE ASTIN) alternates his time between receiving beat downs from two-bit thug Juice, harboring an unrequited crush on Juice’s fashion designer girlfriend Tangerine, and working as an after-school sales associate at Cap’n Manzini’s antique shop. Amidst the collection of dust-covered crap cluttering the store, stands a strikingly out-of-place garbage can that Cap’n Manzini (ANTHONY NEWLEY) strongly cautions his young employee to never open. Naturally the lid is knocked loose, after Juice and his cronies stop by the shop to physically assault Dodger, and the titular stars of the film emerge from their garbage can captivity. Despite their grotesque appearance, and inability to control any and all of their bodily functions, the GARBAGE PAIL KIDS have really big hearts. To help Dodger win the heart of Tangerine, the Kids knock off a non-union sweatshop and design a full line of ’80s couture for her to use in her debut fashion show at McBundy’s Department Store. Rather than thanking the Kids, and blocking off front row seats for them at the fashion show, Tangerine reveals her ugly nature by selling them out to Juice, who then turns them over to the State Home for the Ugly. Dodger and Cap’n Manzini, along with the help of a biker gang, spring the Kids from looks-based lock-up, and set out to school Tangerine and Juice on the value of inner beauty and the undeniable power of well-timed flatulence.


  • ALI GATOR and WINDY WINSTON befriending the occupants of the “World’s Toughest Bar”
  • The Kids running amok in the movie theater, in their adorable little trench coats & berets
  • Tangerine’s backstage diva antics at the big fashion show
  • VALERIE VOMIT giving Juice’s goons the what-for
  • The closing theme song, “You Could Be a Garbage Pail Kid”
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