The Willies


Here’s a strange little horror anthology geared toward the Nickelodeon set. It’s wraparound tale involves three kids in a backyard tent (one of whom is SEAN ASTIN) swapping scary stories and trying to gross each other out with adolescent humor. The structure is an oddity as we begin with various blink and you’ll miss them vignettes about well known urban legends, like the dog in the microwave, then move on to two excessively long tales that fill out the bulk of the film. The first concerns a tormented boy who finds a monster in the boy’s lavatory at school. Although it’s played as broadly as possible, it’s easy to imagine a child thinking twice about using a bathroom stall after viewing. It’s given some buoyancy thanks to stand out performances from greats JAMES KAREN & CLU GULAGER (RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD) and KATHLEEN FREEMAN(GREMLINS 2 THE NEW BATCH). The second and most memorable tale introduces us to the most unlikable protagonist this side of 1981’S THE PIT. Gordy Belcher is an overweight social pariah who spends his days creating tiny dioramas of dead flies. He’s impossible to sympathize with, but bizarrely fascinating anyway. He has a constantly constipated expression unless he’s witnessing somebody in anguish, in which case he howls with delight. His private war with a crypt keeper like farmer ends when the farmer offers him an olive branch in the form of magic manure that escalates growth in plant-life. Gordy’s tiny insect obsessions dine on the doo and greet him at the foot of his bed in new gargantuan form ready to extract long overdue revenge.


  • The appearances of Seaver siblings TRACEY GOLD, JEREMY MILLER and yes, a sense of humor intact KIRK CAMERON!
  • The Janitor putting on his mask
  • Gordy laughs at a near fatal car crash
  • The fly on a crucifix in the tiny church
  • Girl munching into Gordy’s homemade fly cookie
  • Gordy’s new appendages
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15 years ago

LOVE this movie. Been watchin this one since i was a kid. Michael Bower from Salute Your Shorts as Gordy!
Huge vegetables, creepy janitor, fried rat, cant get any better than this!

Amanda By Night
14 years ago

I have always wanted to see this movie. This review kind of re-inspires me. I’m not exactly sure why I never rented it, I remember distinctly seeing at the video store… Some questions were never meant to be answered I guess.


14 years ago

Its not on DVD yet as far as I know. That story about the kid with the flies has really stuck with me. The ending is ghastly! I remember him being on THE WONDER YEARS and me being like “OhmyGod, it’s Fly-Boy!”

For a movie that was aimed at little kids (I was a teenager when I saw it) this was some pretty creepy crap!

12 years ago

The Willies – oh my! It means something COMPLETELY different in the UK, it’s like your use of the word “fanny” – it’s quite shocking!
It is out on DVD though:

The Willies [DVD] [1991] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

5 years ago

I remember this movie! Wasn’t scary, as my neighbor showed me it and talked me through it. It was my first horror movie!