Trauma-Scene :: Fire In The Sky

When a group of good ol’ boy loggers return from the woods missing one of their group, foul play is suspected. Nobody wants to believe their tale of watching their buddy get abducted by an alien space ship. Days later the missing man reappears naked and injured and eventually recounts his experience through a vivid flashback. FIRE IN THE SKY (1993) which is based on actual accounts (!), is more of an investigative thriller than anything else. Its small scale, dialogue driven nature though, may mislead you into thinking that it doesn’t also house one of the most trauma inducing scenes ever filmed (don’t believe me, check out these unsolicited testimonials HERE.)

If you are an adult it’s scary, if you are a kid it’s super scary and if you are a survivor of alien abduction, well, then it’s just plain unwatchable….

NOTE: More scary aliens HERE!

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13 years ago

If you were trauma’d by this, you should check out the actual account of the abductee – you will likely feel better.  It bears no resemblance to the vivisection scenario in the film and involves smokin hot babe aliens instead.

13 years ago

Haha, I remember that the trailer alone creeped me the hell out for ages, and I was a teenager at the time! XD Now it’s just kind of creepy-cool, but I’ve also put myself through some seriously scary and disturbing movies since that time. 😉

Brian Katcher
12 years ago

I was a market researcher when this came out…had to watch commercials for this over and over and over.