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Trauma-Shots:: Vision In The Forrest

August 17th, 2009 by unkle lancifer · 3 Comments

NOTE: Special Thanks to KING CONGO!

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11 years ago

What a handsome family. Especially the woman. Solid and honest. Like a packhorse.

11 years ago

The Smokey effects were top notch, and I like how he just walked away…but didn’t quite walk out of the shot….kinda leaves you guessin’….
Chris and Mother are sporting the whole androgynous look…..probably because Daddy’s testosterone level is way passed the danger zone. And Sister Candy keeps looking at Daddy a bit too lovingly if you ask me…
No sir, the ’50s weren’t all about perfection, good manners and portable record players…..
….no sirry-bobby!

11 years ago

I was expecting the “Mercury Bear/Manbearpig” mutant from “Prophecy” to make an appearance.  Oh and I’m also having flashbacks of The Outlaws singing that “Ghostriders in the Sky” tune!