Traumafession:: Tenshi on Sesame Street’s Trippy Lost Boy Toon

OK, just to start things off…

Why are these on your site?

Now to the main portion.

I saw the Crack Monster and the Courage episode already. (OH PLEASE USE THE ROMY & ROACH IMAGE AGAIN!) but there was another Sesame animation that freaked me out.

There was this boy who got lost, okay? And he passes by all these things that look like something straight out of Pepperland. Then he FINALLY finds out he’s lost, and this weird guy with a yo-yo appears and tells him to make the first thing he passed the last. That’s how the boy got home.

What the hell, PBS? Why would you air that?

Surprisingly enough, the day I watched it again, right after I saw it, I discovered the Crack Monster cartoon had been found.

Oh, and that anti-heroin toy monkey PSA. THAT USED TO SCARE THE CELESTIAL OUT OF ME!

Speaking to you from Bhava-Agra,


UNK SEZ: Thanks for the delicious traumafession, Tenshi! I remember that psychedelic SESAME STREET short all too well! To answer your first question, SNOOPY COME HOME is represented on our sidebar thanks to this horrifying scene….

And ANNIE is included because ANN REINKING is secretly Satan as is proven by this slice of spazzy Hell…

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7 years ago

Tenshi, read this to see the scarring effects of Snoopy Come Home…

7 years ago

This site never ceases to freak me out. I stop by and read every day. When I came across this:

“The children were sent flying through a Yellow Submarine/The Wall reject, with puppets (think Sid & Marty Krofft-style) singing (rapping?) in rhyming iambic trimeter about not using drugs, or else it would ruin their lives”

as written by a previous poster earlier in the week, it stirred in my mind a similar freakish kind of Peter Max inspired animation from 44 years ago or so. And I looked it up – this very clip. I debated writing it up, but hedged since I contriubute probably too frequently.
Now truly, what are the odds that it gets posted as a traumafession 2 days later?
Either something is so very, very right about this site, or so very very wrong…..

Ben S
Ben S
7 years ago

I love when Our Priestess Satana Reinking invites us to pay tribute and bask in the glory with her “We Got Annie” dance. I love that when she is washed in the power of the dark lord her hair pins come out and her severe suits become sun-like chiffon.

I love the Traumafession, Tenshi! Sesame Street animation was always unsettling in a good way.