Traumafessions :: Kinderpal Turnidoff on Tom Lehrer’s “L-Y” Song

I love when little bits of childhood T.V. trauma creep back into your life. I was watching some old ELECTRIC COMPANY with the boy and came across Tom Lehrer’s “L-Y” song!

I first saw it around 3 years of age and many times after that and I remember it scaring the Holy Hannah out of me. I think maybe because of the music. The way he sings it is very frantic and nervous, and the music itself is intense in a Hassidic Russian kind of way.

The kicker for me though was the end where the music slows down to an eerie crawl and you enter a dark room where Dracula awaits to do who knows what to you! See, back in the ’70s, vampires were actually cool and scary unlike today, where they cry and brood and stuff.

I dare you to watch the new ELECTRIC COMPANY today. It’s still traumatizing, but in a completely different way. *nostalgic sigh*

Best site ever.



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12 years ago

More traumatic to my childhood was the K-Y song, but the judge says I’m not allowed to talk about that…

12 years ago

The thing that always annoyed me about that song is that the question should be “WHEN do you say goodbye,” not “HOW do you say goodbye,” if the answer is “immediately.”

12 years ago

I’m feelin’ ya… not so much for the frenetic music as for the disembodied “LY” just constantly hanging up there… apparently there’s something with me and typography 😛