Traumafessions :: Reader D. on Alfred Hitchcock Presents ep. “Final Escape”

I love your site!

It brought back a flood of scary T.V./movie memories, particularly that my sister and I were obsessed with watching ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS on Sunday nights in the mid-‘80s, followed (or preceded) by STEVEN SPIELBERG’s AMAZING STORIES which were often VERY disturbing and kept us up at night.

There was one ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS called “Final Escape” that still creeps us out to this day. It was about a rich, mean woman who gets sent to jail and where she strikes a deal with the elderly prison coroner. She promises to pay for his expensive eye surgery (I think) if he buries her with the next inmate who dies and then comes back to dig her up. They agree that the next time the death bell tolls she will climb into the casket and wait for him to come and get her after the burial.

Before long, the bell tolls, she sneaks into the morgue area and gets into the casket and gets buried in the prison graveyard. She waits and waits and waits, but the prison coroner doesn’t come. After a while, she lights a match and finds herself lying next to the DEAD coroner!!!! Zoom out to hearing screams coming from the ground.


Does anyone else remember this series/episode?

Keep up the good work!!


AUNT JOHN SEZ: Thanks D. for the sweet traumafession! While I don’t recall that particular episode, I did manage to locate a clip from the ’60s ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR on which the plot of the ’80s re-hash is based:

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12 years ago

The 60’s version of this just aired on the Retro Television Network last night.  Pretty good, but “The Jar” episode that was on the previous night was really creepy (plus it had Goober Pyle, Slim Pickens and Pat Buttram.
Most of these old Hitchcock eps can be viewed in their entirety on (and, as I mentioned earlier, if you have the Retro Television Network).

12 years ago

Aw, D., you beat me to it — I was gonna send in this traumafession to the Kinderguys myself. Yeah, that one freaked me out for a while…

Amanda By Night
12 years ago

I absolutely remember the 80s Hitchcock. One of my favorite shows of that era. I have some episodes somewhere. The Gloaming Place (I believe that is the title) is still one of the scariest half hours of television.

The one you’re referring to still give me chills. Just the other day I brought up this show to someone and they had the same reaction to that episode I did. We loved it!

12 years ago

oh I do remember that show during the 80s. I don’t remember that particular episode, but there was one episode that I had forgotten until just now that traumatized me terribly as a kid…and now I must watch it again to see if it has the same effect. It starts out with a nurse getting into her car and the radio warns of a strangler in the area…she then gets strangled and the story jumps ahead to two nurses taking care of a wealthy older man who is bedridden and lives in a huge house. I remember a power failure and a surprise ending…it was really scary stuff!