Name That Trauma: Anna L. on an Evil Inescapable Psychiatric Hospital


My name is Anna L. and I’m wondering if you could help me identify a movie that has burned itself into my brain ever since I watched it as a child in the ‘90s (from what I remember, the movie looked like it was made in the ’90s or possibly the ’80s as well). It was about a troubled teenage girl (possibly with red or brown hair) who was put into a psychiatric hospital (by her parents I think?) after she was caught drunk driving or doing drugs or something along these lines.

However, as I remember it (which might be a bit off, since I was pretty young when I watched it and might have misunderstood something), the doctors in the hospital were all evil. They tried to experiment on the patients there or tried to get them to commit suicide maybe?

Anyway, the girl met a boy in the hospital (he had dark, curly hair I think) and fell in love with him. But I think that boy committed suicide as well in the end because he couldn’t take the horror anymore. The girl probably survived and managed to escape, I guess. Does this ring a bell for anyone? I’ve been trying to figure out what that movie was for years, but with no luck.

Traumafession:: Taryn C. on The Psychopath (1966)

I just turned 50 last week (still trying to figure out how THAT happened?) and I loved watching horror and science fiction movies during my formative years. I checked the archives but didn’t see a mention of a fairly obscure 1966 movie called “The Psychopath“. Although it wasn’t a big hit at the time, it was written by Robert Bloch, directed by Freddie Francis and starred Patrick Wymark. As a child, I used to beg my parents to allow me to spend Friday nights at my best friend, Julie’s, house. Julie’s family always stayed up to watch horror movies on the Big Chuck & Hoolihan show (Cleveland, Ohio – REPRESENT!) and I really enjoyed this Friday evening ritual. I saw “The Psychopath” in 1975 when I was 10 years old, on an old black & white TV in my friend’s basement/rec-room. It disturbed me on a level I wasn’t even aware existed! Suddenly, I realized that not all ‘monsters’ were covered in thick fur, or drank blood, or had large bolts sticking out of their necks. Sometimes a ‘monster’ can be the normal-looking person who lives next door…

I can’t begin to convey how the ending of this movie terrified me. My friend and I would always bunk down in sleeping bags (on the shag-carpeted floor!) after the movie was over, but I didn’t get any sleep that night because it was spent clutching the pillow up around my face! The mental image of the movie’s shocking ‘reveal’ played over and over in my head for a looooong time afterwards….and even years later, I would still get the chills thinking about it.

I couldn’t recall the name of this movie for the next 27 years but thankfully, the internet and IMDB came through for me and at the age of 37, I had the opportunity to purchase a bootleg copy of this film and watch it again as an adult. Perhaps it’s due to my childhood memories, but – honestly – the movie STILL manages to frighten and disturb. While it can be a difficult title to track down, I strongly recommend viewing this one to anyone who loves a good, psychological horror story!

Name That Trauma :: Carolyn J. on an All-White Possibly Furry Humanoid Creature

HI, I’m Carolyn, and this is a foggy childhood memory segment I would LOVE for someone to clear up.

There is an all-white, possible furry, humanoid creature running from a tree line across a snowy plain towards a one-room cabin containing a screaming woman. Cut back and forth between the creatures approach and the screaming chick inside. I can’t remember what happens after that. It had a grainy quality, like it was a late ’70s or early ’80s film.

Can you help me place it?

UNK SEZ: Dear Carolyn, your all-white, possibly furry humanoid creature makes me think of the mostly white, very furry humanoid creature in SHRIEK OF THE MUTILATED (1974)! That crazy creature does indeed hang around a tree line tormenting a screaming lady and the poor soul perpetually exists in a grainy seventies dimension too. I hope I’m right because I love that movie. In fact, since it’s on YouTube, I say we should all watch SHRIEK OF THE MUTILATED today (Carolyn, pay special attention to the 1:10 minute mark!)and why not read my old review for it way back HERE?.

Name That Trauma:: Greg of The Troutchives on an Alien Trauma Slug

Hey there Kindertrauma,

Long time listener, first time caller.

I remember from my youth, probably when I was 8 or 9, which would make it 1978 or 9 a rerun of a ’50s or ’60s anthology series. I don’t remember which one, I don’t think it was the Outer Limits but I DO remember my mother warning me not to watch lest I be scared, but of course I did anyway.

I recall it being black and white, about a group of disparate passengers on some sort of spacecraft in the near future and an alien sort of life form represented as a what looked like a slug made of light beamed upon people as it brought back traumatic feelings from their past.

Sound familiar anyone?


Name That Trauma:: Joey S. on Nefarious Misshapen Tank Dwelling Elders

Big fan! I would love some relief from this ear worm (ear thought?) that I’ve had for years now. I don’t remember whether it was on TV or a movie I saw back in the late ’80s/early ’90s. My most vivid memory is a sort of council of elders or ruling class that were running some sort of post-apocalyptic Earth where people were either underground or underwater. The elders were all in tanks and there were between 5 and 7 of them, horribly misshapen and hooked up to all sorts of plugs and tubes that kept them alive. I think they were planning on exterminating the people they ruled until a woman (?) caught wind of the nefarious plot and murdered them by destroying their tanks. One of the elders or council members was a woman (who always reminded me of Alice Krige or Frances McDormand) and was sort of the head elder who was primarily responsible for said nefarious plot. I appreciate any help!



Sunday Streaming:: Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead

What’s going on? Last week we were talking about the meta-sequel dressed up like a remake THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN, which miraculously lived up to and beyond its potential and now this week I’ve got another sequel that I’d say surpasses the film that proceeds it. If memory serves (I have no memory, I just Googled my old review), I thoroughly enjoyed the first DEAD SNOW but lamented the fact that the characters failed to register with me. As if the makers of DEAD SNOW 2: RED VS. DEAD not only knew of but actually gave a crap about my grievance, every effort is made in this creative continuation to rectify that very issue. Maybe not every character is exactly likable but they’re all more vibrant and distinguisgable. Most notably lone survivor Martin (VEGAR HOEL) transforms from being an acceptable protagonist to a nearly BRUCE CAMPBELL level charismatic lead. In addition, actor/writer STIG FRODE HENRIKSEN returns in another role altogether and just like many other aspects of the film, he too makes a more memorable impression. As with the original EVIL DEAD flicks, it’s as if somebody just took the first film and smacked it with an improvement stick.

Happily, DEAD SNOW 2 can now be my latest go-to example for defending the existence of sequels, which are so often cited as representations of a lack of originality within the genre. What really matters is content. I have to ask, what is more original, another routine zombie flick with no number two in the title or a zombie movie with a two in the title that offers up a truckload of hilarious mayhem the likes of which you’ve never seen before? I mean, zombies utilize freshly ripped out intestines to siphon gas in this movie! I’m going to do zero research and still confidently say that has never been done before. Now, I’m not the sucker for zombie movies in the way that I’m a sucker for slasher movies so maybe you don’t want to go by me but I sorta begrudgingly watched DEAD SNOW 2 with a chip on my shoulder and it was still able to make me howl and exceed my expectations. You know, I can be a real stick in the mud when it comes to Nazis and this movie totally made me forget to be one. Plus it’s in English so no more subtitles! Usually I try to pretend to like subtitles in an effort to appear smart but let’s be real. If I want to read, I have cereal boxes.