Name That Trauma:: Joey S. on Nefarious Misshapen Tank Dwelling Elders

Big fan! I would love some relief from this ear worm (ear thought?) that I've had for years now. I don't remember whether it was on TV or a movie I saw back in the late '80s/early '90s. My most vivid memory is a sort of council of elders or ruling class that were running some sort of post-apocalyptic Earth where people were either underground or underwater. The elders were all in tanks and there were between 5 and 7 of them, horribly misshapen and hooked up to all sorts of plugs and tubes that kept them alive. I think they were planning on exterminating the people they ruled until a woman (?) caught wind of the nefarious plot and murdered them by destroying their tanks. One of the elders or council members was a woman (who always reminded me of Alice Krige or Frances McDormand) and was sort of the head elder who was primarily responsible for said nefarious plot. I appreciate any help!



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8 years ago

I'll almost guarantee you that's Millenium, an obscure film in which people from the future kidnap people from the present.

The tank-dwelling elders aren't murdering anybody; they identify people who were going to die anyways and rescue them into the future, so that they can revivify the human race.

Trailer here:

Robusta Capp
8 years ago

Hexjumper hit the nail on the head! Thank you for solving this mystery for me! I'm going to watch this tonight! Thanks, unkle lancifer! -Joey

The Knitting Cinephile

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