Name That Trauma:: Mr. Brown on a Spooky Generic Space Record

Hey all.

You’ve helped me before and I hope you can do it again. It was late 70’s/early 80’s I had a vinyl album of Star Wars music. However, it probably wasn’t “official” as I’m pretty sure side A had some tunes from the original movie (main theme, cantina song, etc.), but side B was more generic “space” music and not from the movie at all. You know, the weird synthesizer drones, warbles, and chirps all combined musically that you would expect to hear as you travel through space in the 1970’s! That gauzy 70’s space music always sort of creeped me out and I’d like to find it again, so I can confront my trauma! Anybody remember such an album, or where can I find music that might fit the bill?

Thanks in advance.

Sunday Streaming:: The Final Terror (1983)

Hey kids, how’s about we take a fancy field trip today? Let’s say we bounce on over to the new hot spot known as SHOUT FACTORY TV. They have a bunch of free streaming movies and TV shows over there and the best part is they’re offering some of the cool horror titles presented by their offshoot brand SCREAM FACTORY! In fact, currently they are offering up their crispy clear version of the summer slasher THE FINAL TERROR! Sure, It’s not the best killer in the woods movie (read our sympathetic review HERE) but it’s nowhere near the worst either! In any case, it has never looked better and this time of year it’s just nice to get outside … through the safety of your computer screen…while enjoying air conditioning… and are absolutely safe from ticks…and mutant bears…and murderers. Watch the trailer below and the full movie over HERE!’

Name That Trauma:: Rebecca T. on a Frightening Fire Safety Flick

I was traumatized as a kid by a film we were shown in 3rd grade. It was a family of 4 who you followed around for the day getting to know them. After work, dad drops a bit of ash behind the couch and it eventually starts a fire. The boy dies immediately as he is on the top bunk and inhales smoke. The girl fails to stay low as she leaves the room and dies. The parents both somehow die trying to go after the kids. Only the dog survives. I was on the top bunk. I would’t sleep there again after that film. Dad had to call the school. Do you know where to find this if anyone knows what it is? Hoping to rewatch it in order to give it less fear power.


Rebecca T

UNK SEZ: Thanks Rebecca! We’ve got you covered as we’ve been getting submissions on this notorious trauma inducer for YEARS and YEARS! Our beloved SENSKI was able to finally identify its title as “Another Man’s Family” and reader SIMMINY eventually found it on YouTube HERE. Sadly a better quality version has yet to appear but we’ll be keeping our eyes open and sound the alarm if it does. One thing’s for sure, you’re not bunking alone!

Sunday Streaming:: Wake in Fright (1971)

A long whiles ago I was planning on spotlighting WAKE IN FRIGHT while it was hanging out on Netflix Streaming but before I had a chance, it got evicted and up and disappeared! There’s no need to fret though cuz it’s done showed up on HULU! Yay! Making matters even more convenient, a quick search of my trashy desktop uncovered half of the post I never finished from zoinks, way back in January! I’ll just paste it here for ya’ll….

From TED KOTCHEF, the director of FIRST BLOOD, WAKE IN FRIGHT is a highly unnerving outback odyssey into inebriated oblivion. It’s a difficult movie to shake and I’d put it right up there with STRAW DOGS and DELIVERANCE, two films that share its fascination with the fallout of testosterone run amuck. Wow, just think of how peaceful the world would be if men decided to stop trying to impress other men. It would be like mellow rainbow unicorn town all over the place.

Unfortunately for me, this great film has a searing drawback in that it features the most atrocious animal deaths imaginable during a kangaroo hunt scene. It can’t be unseen and I can attest that putting your hand over the computer screen only helps a little. Some small solace may be derived from knowing that the director utilized footage from an actual hunt that was going to happen anyway in order to expose the cruelty involved. Still, I can’t help thinking it’s bad mojo. Now real death has floated out of my computer and pushed through my eyes and is currently swinging in a hammock in my head humming “The Old Gray Mare” in the creepiest tone possible. Maybe fast-forwarding is the solution. It’s not like you can pass up the only film that directly confronts the perils of waking up naked next to DONALD PLEASENCE.

…and that’s all I wrote. Hmmm, funny this film came galloping back to my awareness after this grueling week of dealing with the repugnant murder of Cecil the Lion. I know, some people will ask as they have before, “How can you get upset about an animal’s death when you watch so many movies in which so many people die?” It’s really very simple. I like animals waaaaaay more than people. I never told you that? It’s true. Animals are cute and loyal whereas humans are soulless tubs of rank manure on stilts who’ll stab you in the back the first chance they get and would drive over their own Grandmothers if it meant a few extra bucks in their pocket. Present company excluded of course! I need to remember that our readership is mostly human even though we do score highly with doggies aged 2-4 (that would be 14- 24 in people years). Anyway, watch the trailer and excellent movie below, neuter your pets and maybe take it easy on the beer when vacationing in Australia.