Sunday Streaming:: The Final Terror (1983)

Hey kids, how’s about we take a fancy field trip today? Let’s say we bounce on over to the new hot spot known as SHOUT FACTORY TV. They have a bunch of free streaming movies and TV shows over there and the best part is they’re offering some of the cool horror titles presented by their offshoot brand SCREAM FACTORY! In fact, currently they are offering up their crispy clear version of the summer slasher THE FINAL TERROR! Sure, It’s not the best killer in the woods movie (read our sympathetic review HERE) but it’s nowhere near the worst either! In any case, it has never looked better and this time of year it’s just nice to get outside … through the safety of your computer screen…while enjoying air conditioning… and are absolutely safe from ticks…and mutant bears…and murderers. Watch the trailer below and the full movie over HERE!’

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