Name That Trauma:: George H. on Two Escaped Prisoners

Hi Kindertrauma. I’m going crazy trying to remember a movie I saw in the NYC area on local tv in the late 70s. The movie itself is in color and made in the 70s as well. All I can remember is the end. Two possible escaped prisoners in a foreign land (one wounded) slowly make their way down a wooded/jungle road evading recapture from their captors. The movie cuts to friends/family en route to the rendezvous as well. Anyway, a military helicopter lands, soldiers get out and exchange fire with the military captors, but have to leave. The firepower is too much. The movie ends on the beaten faces of the prisoners helplessly watching as their escape flies away, on a freeze frame no less. This is the LAST movie in my mind I’m trying to track down. ANY help is appreciated.

Thanks, George H.

Name That Trauma:: SteelJaw on an Apartment Filled with Women

Hi there Kindertrauma,

I’m looking for a movie about a guy who is locked up in an apartment (could also be a hotel). The apartment is filled with women, and the man must run and hide from these women for some reason. I believe it’s a movie from the seventies. It could also be that the movie is French.

Does anybody have any idea what movie I’m searching after?

Friendly greetings from Belgium,


Name That Trauma:: Invader on a Talking Box, a Holiday Ride and a Trap Door

Greetings uncle Lancifer I have two movies I can’t think of the title right now. I could do with some help.

1. This one premiered on Chiller it is about a group of people that got stuck in an open house, and can’t leave it. All I can recall is one scene with a box you pressed that said hello welcome to blah blah blah take a look around. They also try to drive away from the property to always come back to it.

2. Also premiered on Chiller, it is a holiday horror film, where they are taking a shortcut to a relatives house and they die one by one, and there is a black car that keeps passing or following them.

3. Another horror film that has this trap door like thing in a basement that is shallow and one person dies by being pulled into/crushed into it. I for the life of me can’t think of the name of it.

Many thanks, invader.