Name That Trauma:: Invader on a Talking Box, a Holiday Ride and a Trap Door

Greetings uncle Lancifer I have two movies I can’t think of the title right now. I could do with some help.

1. This one premiered on Chiller it is about a group of people that got stuck in an open house, and can’t leave it. All I can recall is one scene with a box you pressed that said hello welcome to blah blah blah take a look around. They also try to drive away from the property to always come back to it.

2. Also premiered on Chiller, it is a holiday horror film, where they are taking a shortcut to a relatives house and they die one by one, and there is a black car that keeps passing or following them.

3. Another horror film that has this trap door like thing in a basement that is shallow and one person dies by being pulled into/crushed into it. I for the life of me can’t think of the name of it.

Many thanks, invader.

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3 years ago

Oh! The first one sounds like it might be House Hunting…

Brother Bill
3 years ago

#1 possibly Scissors (1991)? Sharon Stone is trapped in a modern model apartment in a high rise, and there is a recorded spiel that she triggers several times. A couple join her later, which might count as “a group of people”.
Kindertrauma covered it here: