Kindertrauma Halloween 2018 Funhouse!

I can’t pretend to care about anything besides the new HALLOWEEN movie that was released today. I’m going to the movie theater and I might just stay there forever. I hope everybody makes a point to go see HALLOWEEN this weekend so that it makes tons of money and inspires a litany of sequels. Below are three images, all followed by a slightly altered copy. Can you find the three differences in each pairing? Good luck and go see HALLOWEEN!

Name That Trauma:: Matt R. on a TV Station Evil Entity

Hello, long time reader here.

A rather creepy memory just popped out when I was talking to a friend about horror movies from our childhoods and It just keeps bugging me that I can’t get some closure. To start I’m not even sure if my memory is about a movie or a TV show since what I saw scared kid me so much that I just changed channels, but ok down to the description:

The “movie” was about a man working in a movie theater or tv station run by an evil entity, kid me interpreted that character as a witch since the Spanish dub used a female actress doing a stereotypical evil witch impersonation but she looked more like a Nazgul from LOTR, a robed figure with only her ghostly and wrinkly hands visible. Said man had to work for the evil entity because… I don’t remember, one of the few memory lagoons that made this even more creepy for kid me.

Anyhow the only scenes that I can remember with some clarity are two:

*The entity watching with delight a cartoon in a monitor inside the theater/tv station. The cartoon was about the entire planet being flooded with blood and the main character drowning alongside every single person in the world, that character was an animated version of the man.

*The man’s son waiting for him to come home during a stormy night, the kid is standing in front of the house’s crystal (?) main door when the lightning creates a projection of a shadow that resembles the evil entity, obviously the kid is terrified and begins to cry and scream only for the door to open and reveal it was the man all along who enters to comfort the child.

This movie or whatever was broadcasted during the morning of a weekend (Sunday I think) so I’m not sure if it was a straight horror movie or some kind of weird horror thing aimed at children since movie channels used to broadcast content for kids and families at that timeslot.

Hope y’all could help me with this. Greetings from Mexico,

Matt R.

Name That Trauma:: Domingo M. on a Killer Pig and More.

Hi, I’ve been trying to identify the following three films for years (although the first two may be chapters in a series).

* This one I may have seen around 20-25 years ago. I remember two guys speaking, some extraterrestrial hotties had come to earth, and one of them was abducted and got half of his face blue colored. I would have sweared this must have been a chapter of Weird Science, but I’ve tried to find out with no luck.

* This one I saw more or less at the same time, I remember a guy was given the keys of the city (a huge key), but for some reason he was rejected later and taken out of the city, they changed the lock of the door to the city so we see the guy seated on the floor and then becoming a skeleton in a pseudo timelapse.

* This last one I saw much later, maybe 15 years ago, but I think this was an old movie. It’s basically a Latin American film about the lives of some people in a poor neighborhood. I know that an old lady falls into the pig’s house (and the pig is hungry because she cannot feed it very much), so the pig eats her.

Let’s see if I got some luck. Thanks!

Name That Trauma:: Leece on a Haunted School

For years I’ve tried identifying a movie based on a few scenes from my memory with no luck.

I went to a daycare as a child in a HUGE haunted plantation home here in Texas from the 1800s. My teacher knew I never napped during nap time, so she’d let me sit in a separate room alone and watch scary movies.

The movie in question was a ghost movie, scenes in a possibly haunted school, likely from the 80s. I also remember a scene where a construction vehicle was moving a ton of dirt. I also remember kids walking down a hallway in said school and a scene in the bathroom. That’s about it.

Thank you for reading!