Amityville Kitchen Cleanup Funhouse!

UNK SEZ:: Pets are great but Jodie the demonic invisible pig sure is a handful! Jodie has gone and switched 10 things in Kathy Lutz’s kitchen. Can you identify what they are? Click on the image below to jump to the playing board!

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Andreas Stoehr
Andreas Stoehr (@fb605369162)
10 years ago

1) The curtain cord in the left window.
2) The little patch on the back of her pants.
3) The can of pop on the far right.
4) Those creepy cat eyes in the window.

That’s all I’ve got.

cmcmcmcm (@cmcmcmcm)
10 years ago

Oh Yay!!!!! You totally made my morning!!

Ok – I’ve got 8 so far…

light shade pull
glass knob on top right cupboard door
THE EYES!!!!!!!!!
the tab can on the right
tag on jeans
drawer pull next to margot kidders butt
two rows of lace on right curtains
handle of teacup that is sitting on plate

I’ll be back!

cmcmcmcm (@cmcmcmcm)
10 years ago

Oh – the shadow space above the box – it’s blacked out completely in the lower one.

cmcmcmcm (@cmcmcmcm)
10 years ago

oh woah – is it the ice cube tray? the second to the last section looks bigger on the top photo.

FatherOfTears (@fatheroftears)
10 years ago

The first one I caught were the glowing eyes on the other side of the window (blame “Suspiria for that). Oh the TAB can is moved on the counter behind the box. It also looks like she’ll have to grab the window shade on the left as its missing its chord.