Annabelle Funhouse!

I hope you have a magnifying glass! Today’s puzzle was made by Annabelle the evil doll and therefore is tiny and doll size! Can you find 10 differences in these two images before Annabelle gets out of her box?

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Amanda By Night
8 years ago

There is a door handle on the freezer in the 1st pic, but it’s missing in the second pic.

And there is a large A in the corner of the 1st pic, and B in its place in the 2nd pic. 😉

That was me trying to make a funny.

8 years ago

1. Extra bit on the back of the chair next to Vera Farmiga
2. Ron Livingston’s missing hand
3. Button on Patrick Wilson’s jacket
4. Lines on the freezer door
5. Missing bit of the chair leg under the table

I think that’s it from me…Tough week!

8 years ago

1. limes and oranges
2. paper towel stripe
3. dad’s hand
4. far red table leg that you can see under table
5. extra knobby thing on top of yellow chair
6. is something going on with the blue ruffled neckline? it looks differnent on the left side by the neck
7. black shirt sleeve cuff

that’s all i got for right now!

8 years ago

10. double handles on the oven door!!!! yes!!!!!

8 years ago

Is that the ‘scary doll’ from the movie? Could it be a bit less subtle? Maybe give it shark teeth or glowing eyes?