Baby Bop

Your aunt john came home one day to find this piece of folk art dominating the living room:

Scared shitless by its overall creepiness, I questioned unkle lancifer about its provenance, to which he replied, “It’s a one-of-a-kind Brian Fancy!” I’ve learned to live with the little Bopster, but during those first few weeks, I swear I could feel its steely, serial killer gaze on the back of my neck. That, and it seemed to move from room to room on its own volition.

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13 years ago

Its amazing…I have met an Army of mothers who can tolerate Barney but NONE of them can stand Baby Bop!  If someone gave that statue to me it would be an effigy burning in my yard right now!

12 years ago

My child like Baby Bop. If anybody want to gift for baby.


Mamun Mohin