Bad Ronald

SCOTT JACOBY, who is also excellent in THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE, plays Ronald Wilby an introverted outsider and part-time momma’s boy. Ronald isn’t so “bad,” really he’s just the victim of circumstance. When a nasty albino dwarf talks smack about his mom, he grabs her by the face and pushes her backwards. (Hey, it worked for CARY GRANT.) Unfortunately the brat’s noggin’ hits a poorly placed cinder block and B.R has no choice but to dispose of the evidence via a shallow grave. When he gets home, you learn why he took such umbrage to the uggo’s taunts. His mother is none other than KIM HUNTER the sexy monkey from THE PLANET OF THE APES! I know she’s meant to be all Norma Bates overbearing but, to me, she seems like the perfect mom. When told of her son’s murderous mistake, she devises a plan to turn the downstairs bathroom into a luxury artist studio he can hide out in. The door is covered with wallpaper and there’s a cubby door in the pantry where she can deliver him candy bars and Carnation Instant Milk. At this point I’m realizing that by simply snuffing a simp, B.R has acquired the lifestyle I have always dreamt of. He no longer has to leave his domicile and he can spend all day working full time on his, “Extraordinary vision of fantasy,” a make-believe world called Atranta. As God would have it, all good things must come to an end and Ronnie’s dream set-up is demolished when his mom dies from a routine operation. Now Ronald must fend for himself while nosy neighbor Mrs. Schumacher sniffs about and a new family headed by DABNEY COLEMAN moves in. Bored out of his skull, Ronald projects his Atranta fantasies upon the youngest sibling the whiney Babs, who he thinks is the embodiment of his creation Princess Fansetta. As dopey as this all sounds, it’s perfectly enthralling as the family has no idea the local legendary killer is Anne Frank-ing it in the second bathroom they tragically never knew existed. Things come to a head as our Ronald becomes more brazen and it finally culminates in a startling climax when the Jan Brady-esque middle sister finds an eye staring back at her through a hole in the wall. Creepy, voyeuristic, and endlessly entertaining BAD RONALD is a must see for television movie enthusiasts and shut-ins everywhere.


  • Brat meets cinder block
  • Mrs. Shcumacher’s revelation and subsequent dive
  • Peephole discovered and Ronald crashing through the wall crying, “Mother!”
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15 years ago

the cop is the same guy who plays anthony fremont’s father from the “It’s a Good Life’ twilight zone any coincidence he never finds Ronald?Doesn’t Ronny look exactly like a young Howard Stern?

14 years ago

Love this movie! Mrs Schumaker? That b!tch had it comin’!