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Big Box of VHS Funhouse Part 2

November 7th, 2014 by unkle lancifer · 4 Comments

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5 years ago

I only know #1 – I Dismember Mama. I remember seeing it in the video store. I could spend hours looking at VHS boxes as a kid : )

Horsehead Bookend
Horsehead Bookend
5 years ago

1 is I Dismember Mama on Video Gems
2 is Make Them Die Slowly on Thriller Video
3 is Doomwatch on Monterey Video
4 is The Icebox Murders on Mogul Communications
5 is The Cyclops on Thriller Video
6 is Bio-Hazard on Continental Video
7 is The Possessor on Wizard Video
8 is Madhouse Mansion on Comet Video
9 is Scream Baby Scream on Regal Video
The box used for the background is The Eerie Midnight Horror Show on Planet Video

Horsehead Bookend
Horsehead Bookend
5 years ago

Thanks Uncle L! I wish I saw when you posted part 1. I would have probably got all those right too.