Black Friday Chopping Mall Funhouse!

There are 10 differences between these two posters. Can you find them?

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8 years ago

1. the dot over the i in die
2. light part over middle finger knuckle on the metal hand
3. toe nail polish!
4. white dot at end of thumb nail on the metal hand
5. teeth are missing
6. top part of paper tear above fingers sticking out of bag
7. one of the bag handles is missing
8. the metal bar on the front of the index finger on the metal hand
9. lower left corner of bag
10. the drip off the H!!!!!!!!!


hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!

8 years ago

i almost gave up before getting that H drip! but i thought there’s too many bumps and drips in that Chopping Mall writing for you not to take advantage of it 🙂