Brutal (2012) by Kinderpal Mickster

Brutal (2012)

"My name is Brutal..."
are the first words spoken by the enormous brute tormenting A. Michael Baldwin's character in the film Brutal (2012). At this point in the film, one may assume that Brutal is going to be a run-of-the-mill "torture porn" flick that has been done to death in recent years; however, Brutal is neither run-of-the-mill or "torture porn." I hesitate to give very many details, as I do not want to spoil this movie for anyone. I will say that Brutal has many twists and turns and it kept me guessing. In fact, I was floored by the final twist. Brutal stars A. Michael Baldwin (The PHANTASM series) and Michael Patrick Stevens who makes his writing, producing, directing, and acting debut. The majority of the film takes place in a cramped basement with Carl (Baldwin), a family man, being tortured by Brutal (Stevens) for no obvious reason. At an hour and twenty-five minutes, Brutal is tense and harrowing from beginning to end. Brutal left me contemplating what I would do if I found myself in a similar situation. Ultimately, Brutal shows what people are capable of when pushed to the edge. The filmmakers and actors have plenty to be proud of here. The finished product is impressive considering budget and time constraints. Hopefully, this is just the beginning for Michael Patrick Stevens and a new beginning for A. Michael Baldwin.

UNK SEZ: Thanks for the scoop Mickster! Folks, you can learn more about Brutal at its official website HEREand check out the trailer below!

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10 years ago

Yay! Thanks for posting my review. I have never been a fan of "torture porn" so the fact that I enjoyed this movie says a lot about the storytelling.