The Night That Krampus Saved Christmas

Merry Christmas kindertots! My plan today is to watch MICHAEL DOUGHERTY's KRAMPUS (2015) over and over again in a perpetual A CHRISTMAS STORY-style loop! KRAMPUS was my very favorite movie last year and now somehow I am miraculously discovering that I enjoy it even more than I previously thought! How is that possible? Why, it gets better with each view! To tell ya the truth, I was having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year on account of the weather sucking and the world stinking and people everywhere being horrible. But that's exactly what makes KRAMPUS even better and more relevant than it was last year!

KRAMPUS begins as a stocking full of Xmas angst and soulless consumerism and the type of familial division that our entire country seems to be suffering from right now. It's one relatable shit-storm after another even before the nightmare shenanigans begin. I won't give any more away for those who haven't seen it but suffice to say that after the parade of horror has passed, what's left standing is a sturdy reminder to stand your ground, not allow anyone to crush your spirit and maybe give other people a break every once in a while too. Don't worry! It's also very creepy and very weird and pretty damn scary in places too. When KRAMPUS first shows up and he's hopping across the rooftops, I get an ice blast down my spine every time. In any case, watching KRAMPUS late last night with cats and vodka put me in the mood I needed to be in and not a minute too soon. Henceforth I shall refer to it as the night that KRAMPUS saved Christmas (with maybe a little help from that vodka). Here's hoping everybody has a stellar day. May the road rise with you and may you always have the upper hand in any interactions with gingerbread men.

PSA: Home For The Holidays (1972) on DVD!

This is a public service announcement created to inform you that the classic 1972 TV-movie HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS is secretly available on DVD! The indispensable gem is discreetly hanging out in one of those cheap-o twenty movie combo packs you might easily overlook at your local Walmart! Check out the cover below and scan it into your brain for future reference...

This is important news for folks like me who watch this movie every December and have been concerned that their VHS tape is become increasingly exhausted. I watched this very DVD last night and the flick looks the best I've ever seen it. It might not be up to the meticulous standards of the more persnickety collectors but I wouldn't count on a better release before the Apocalypse. Personally, I like a couple scratches and dust particles floating around when I'm watching a TV movie. It adds flavor! It's rustic, and weathered and all kinds of shabby chic! Here are a few screen shots to give you an idea ...

In case you didn't know, HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS is wonderfully atmospheric, takes place during Christmas time and operates much like your favorite paranoid mystery killer slasher flick (which it probably predates). Sure it's a little dry in the blood department but who cares when you're hanging out with the likes of THE HAUNTING's JULIE HARRIS, PLAY MISTY FOR ME's JESSICA WALTER and SYBIL's one and only SALLY FIELD! Not only that, It was written by JOSEPH STEPHANO of PSYCHO fame and directed by JOHN LLEWELLYN MOXEY who crafted the stellar classic HORROR HOTEL! Why, I could go on and on and in fact I do go on and on about this favorite flick in the upcoming book ARE YOU IN THE HOUSE ALONE? A TV MOVIE COMPENDIUM edited by MADE FOR TV MAYHEM's globetrotting AMANDA REYES which you can preorder right HERE!!!

I realize I'm delivering this information kinda late. How are you supposed to secure this DVD in time for Xmas? Don't fret! HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS is available (albeit in a fuzzier state) on YouTube and you can sample it out below. Don't worry; we can be friends if you don't like it. We just can't be GOOD friends. More importantly, Happy Christmas Eve to you fine folks! Drink stuff!

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Happy Memorial Day!

UNK SEZ: Happy Memorial Day to all! My apologies that things have been so quiet around here as of late, but sadly my dear computer has died and gone to computer heaven (or hell). I can use your Aunt John's but it's kinda like borrowing a bathing suit or a pair of glasses; it's just not the same. Plus let's face it, a blog post and dollar bill won't buy ya a cup of coffee these days. Don't worry we'll be back to bother you soon enough. In the meantime, go on outside and enjoy some semi fresh air! Eat a popsicle!