Check This Out :: Philly’s Alien Covenant Subway Car!

I’m super old and slightly cranky but that didn’t stop me from turning into a giddy 12-year-old the other day when I fortuitously found myself walking into a Philly subway car that was taken over from top to bottom with ALIEN COVENANT advertising. It was even on the roof! To the chagrin of my fellow passengers who seemed even crankier than myself, I took some photos to share with you guys. How cool is this? I only wish this subway was taking me into the future to MAY 19th so that I could go directly to the movie theater and get my full dose of ALIEN COVENANT.

Kinder-Gallery:: The Fine Art of Vestron CEDs

Now I might be kind of obsessed with VESTRON flavored SelectaVision CED cartridges. I’ve always appreciated a good CED (Capacitance Electronic Disc) as a decorative wall hanging (I’ve got a few like the often paired together EVILSPEAK, POPEYE and CRUISING) but the VESTRON type takes the coolness to a whole new level on account of it features that groovy futuristic rainbow stripe framing device (kinda like the side of a KEY VIDEO VHS tape)! Here, allow me to share some fine examples I scrounged up (mostly) on ebay…

Kinder-Art :: Owen Allard

UNK SEZ: KINDERTRAUMA is proud to present the incredible artwork of OWEN ALLARD! At the age of five OWEN is making some amazing stuff and his choice of subject matter is super cool. Talent runs in the family as OWEN‘s pop operates the always great DINNER WITH MAX JENKE. Thanks for sharing your creations with us OWEN and keep up the good work!

Kinder-Pix:: Pumpkin Parade 2010!

It’s been one week since Halloween split town so I went out to photograph all the dead pumpkins it left in its wake. I was hoping for shots of rotting and mushed old timer faces, but all these guys look pretty good. Are they using more preservatives in pumpkins this year or is life just less rotten in general?

ALSO:: For the love of Skeletor, what is it with you folks who put pumpkins on your doorsteps and don’t carve them? What is that? How can you look at a pumpkin and not shove a butcher knife into it? I know they rot when you cut into them, that’s the point!

For last year’s rotting pumpkin parade do the right thing and press HERE.

Kinder-Pix:: Week Old Pumpkins!

Halloween rolling out of town never fails to bum me out. Why the heck is November so damn pushy? This past weekend though, I realized that pumpkins had it worse than me; just look at those sad frowns! This post is a eulogy for all the pumpkins who bravely served us this past Halloween who now rot on the sidewalks like shell shocked veterans of a forgotten war. Poor guys! Well, at least it’s gotta be better than being made into a pie.