Kinder-Gallery:: The Fine Art of Vestron CEDs

Now I might be kind of obsessed with VESTRON flavored SelectaVision CED cartridges. I’ve always appreciated a good CED (Capacitance Electronic Disc) as a decorative wall hanging (I’ve got a few like the often paired together EVILSPEAK, POPEYE and CRUISING) but the VESTRON type takes the coolness to a whole new level on account of it features that groovy futuristic rainbow stripe framing device (kinda like the side of a KEY VIDEO VHS tape)! Here, allow me to share some fine examples I scrounged up (mostly) on ebay…

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5 years ago

Very cool! Wonder if they fit into those LP picture frames. That eroticise is the best! I remember the first video store in my hometown played some steamy aerobics tape on a projection screen. It was quite something back then.

Yeah the rainbow border is very late 70’s early 80’s. I think disco popularized that. The 80’s grid put an end to that nonsense… Thanks Black Hole…

If you Really wanna geek out on CED check out TECH MOAN on Youtube. He’s this historian
of consumer technology, especially obscure formats. CED pretty much gutted RCA.

5 years ago

I kinda get the feel of the rainbow sweater. I’m west coast, styles were still regional
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As far as the 80’s grid, here’s what started the phenom: