Kinder-Pix:: Pumpkin Parade 2010!

It’s been one week since Halloween split town so I went out to photograph all the dead pumpkins it left in its wake. I was hoping for shots of rotting and mushed old timer faces, but all these guys look pretty good. Are they using more preservatives in pumpkins this year or is life just less rotten in general?

ALSO:: For the love of Skeletor, what is it with you folks who put pumpkins on your doorsteps and don’t carve them? What is that? How can you look at a pumpkin and not shove a butcher knife into it? I know they rot when you cut into them, that’s the point!

For last year’s rotting pumpkin parade do the right thing and press HERE.

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Amanda By Night
12 years ago

Way cool!

We wanted so badly to carve a pumpkin this year, but life got in the way (again!)… It’s finally cool here and it’s my first time in a state with seasons during fall, so I’ve been so excited about all the holiday stuff!

12 years ago

What I don’t get is why those pumpkins aren’t covered in nibble marks from squirrels. If we put a pumpkin on the porch, it’s like putting out a buffet for the neighborhood critters.