Unearthed:: Unk’s Very Own D&D Miniatures!

UNK SEZ: All that STRANGER THINGS watchin’ has got me wanting to do something I never thought I would- share my very own D&D figurines! I hand painted these die cast puppies myself around the same time STRANGER THINGS took place (1983)! I even sold them at a local mom & pop hobby shop and made approximately zero dollars!

Here’s my favorite! He’s some kind of swamp monster. I think I fell in love with such creatures thanks to the KOLCHAK episode “The Spanish Moss Murders” (1974) and wasn’t it just a couple years ago when I went mad for that NIGHT GALLERY episode “Brenda”? And then just recently that LAKE NOWHERE kind of slapped me a swampy high five too! Swamp monsters are my pals.

This guy is a “Mind Flayer” I had to look up what the hell color “mauve” was before I could paint him. Maybe I should have dusted him off before I took this picture? He’s my second favorite cuz he’s Lovecraft-y lookin’.

Hey, a traditional mummy! Gold paint takes the longest to dry, folks.

Who is this? A goblin? I think this is a goblin and he eats dead people. Sad!

These are shabbily painted I admit but who doesn’t love harpies and skeletons?

You can’t tell from this angle but the dude on the left has an excellent pornstache. I think the guy in the back fell off of a MOLLY HATCHET LP!

Satyrs! They are the coolest! They’ve got some lady taking off her robe with them! This is scandalous. I could get kicked out of school for such a thing!

Oh boy, it looks like creature from PROPHECY is going to kill that ginger dwarf or maybe they are friends just having a disagreement. I dunno.

Here’s a rat guy hanging out with a boar-face, let’s sneak past.

Finally a dragon (!) on the right, a troll (?) on the left and a Minotaur missing his axe blade. Oh wait, that’s the end! Below is a demon of some sort and look how sad it is that his bottom legs broke off and I glued him to that base anyway. Oh well, at least I kept him!