Unk-Nomicon :: Volume 9

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jimdandytothefescue (@jimdandytothefescue)
10 years ago

Keep ’em coming! These ads bring back some memories. I don’t think we ever got the really low-budget shockers like Autopsy and the Fulci stuff here in Nashville back then, but I remember there was one theater that had midnight showings of stuff like Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

WarpedRecord (@warpedrecord)
10 years ago

So amazing. There’s not one film there I wouldn’t want to watch again and again.

I’m glad somebody preserved those ads, and the yellowed newsprint adds to the charm.

pointybird (@pointybird)
10 years ago

I’m with you, WarpedRecord. I love to see the old newsprint. Uncle Lancifer also does the best crop thumbnails — you always get the best bit!