Cinema Du Meep Funhouse

Today’s “find 10 differences” puzzle is brought to you by CINEMA DU MEEP! We love CINEMA DU MEEP! If you are not following CINEMA DU MEEP on Facebook, you need to rectify that situation HERE!

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9 years ago

1. Heartbeers
2. “Three Stooges” at Towne
3. The “F” on the Jensen Farley logo
4. The logo with the “20” on it to the upper left of the Boogens ad
5. “5:15” to the left of the Boogens

That’s all I can see at the moment. This is hard!

9 years ago

6. Light on in the far right window in “The Boogens” advertisement.
7. Balding Balding vs. Rebecca Balding in “The Boogens”
8. The center-most digit on the left skeletal claw in “The Boogens” ad is wonky.
9. The “s” at the end of “The Boogens” ad.
10. Black Stallion head is facing the other way…