Traumafession:: Antonio Augusto of Cinema Parasita on Reverend Kane and Bob

Hi there, dear folks at Kindertrauma

My name is Antonio Augusto, I’m from Brazil and a regular reader of your amazing blog. So many awesome posts and traumas I totally identify with. One of my biggest kindertraumas is probably the reverend Henry Kane from Poltergeist II. I saw it when I was very little and couldn’t sleep for MONTHS thinking about him. And more recently in my life, a really big trauma is BOB from Twin Peaks.

UNK SEZ: Thanks for the traumafession Antonio and for letting us know about Cinema Parasita! I don’t speak Portuguese but I like what see! Nice work!

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Wednesday's Child
9 years ago

I was afraid of Rev. Kane as a young teen in the 80s and I’m still quite unnerved by the sight of him or the sound of him singing that awful song. There is no way I would watch Poltergeist 2 alone at night!

Drew Bludd
Drew Bludd
9 years ago

I wish there was more on this site about BOB. Not only is every appearance by Killer BOB upsetting to the nth degree but the entire dual idea behind his existence ( an evil other dimensional spirit that lives in the woods or as a metaphor for sexual child abuse) is so miserable I get knots in my stomach just thinking about him.

And – shame on you for your headline for this Traumafession, Unk! BOB is always spelled in all caps. It’s an acronym for ‘”Beware of Bob” which makes sense if you use David Lynch logic.