Cold Prey 2

Remember not too long ago when I was singing the praises of an ice pick sharp Norwegian slasher flick entitled COLD PREY (FRITT VILT)? No? Well, trust me it was all gushing and cartoon hearts floating about. I adore COLD PREY, on the day that it was born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true. Recently I got a chance to see its sequel COLD PREY 2: RESURRECTION and let me tell ya’ friends, unlike some horror series that let ya’ down on the second date, this one shows up on time, looks you in the eye and says everything you want to hear. I’m putting a ring on it.

Writer of both films THOMAS MOLDESTAD has done some serious homework; he not only shows off his knowledge of the best horror dance moves but equally impresses with his crystal clear understanding of the ones to avoid. Some of y’all may require a bit more originality in a films structure, but personally I get an incredible thrill watching a movie of this kind touching all the familiar bases and then sliding smoothly into home. COLD PREY 2 is exactly what a horror movie sequel should strive to be. It moves the first film forward without stepping on its toes and it never lets you see it sweat.

Taking place immediately after the events in the first film, CP2 finds our lone survivor whisked to the nearest ominously dark understaffed hospital ala 1981’s HALLOWEEN II (Anybody who was praying for a ROB ZOMBIE-free HALLOWEEN II remake, shut uppa ya’ face, your wish has been granted.) Shelve any concerns that the HALLOWEEN II template is, in this day and age, broth thin, to thicken the stock, a hearty action oriented ALIENS component has been thrown into the mix as well. (Just try not to think of SIGGY WEAVER as our heroine Jannicke (INGRID BOLSO BERDAL) tries in vain to explain the quickly approaching pain.) In other words we now have a chance to see what would have taken place if, rather than being drugged out of her mind, Laurie Strode showed up at Haddonfield Hospital burning like the phoenix she became in H20, seriously , where are my smelling salts?

If this all sounds absurdly derivative to you, it kind of is: but it just happens to be derivative of everything that floats my boat. Some mysterious force in the universe chose to smoosh together nearly every cinematic element that I hold dear and then went that extra step and sprinkled snow all over the top; I thank that force on my knees. I want COLD PREY posters, T-shirts, action figures and cereal. Frosted COLD PREY cereal sounds delicious as hell, and yes I’m going to dig for the toy pick-axe prize inside as soon as I open the box!

As technically impressive as CP2’s direction is (besides providing well-staged action and shocks, director MATS STENBERG has also created a nearly seamless counterpart to the original, taking place hours after and filmed nearly two years later) and as knowing and as crisp as the script may be, it would all be for naught without the participation of actress BERDAL. I can’t think of many (or really any) modern genre heroines that I would place in the same esteem as my boos Strode and Ripley, but Jannicke really has what it takes to walk along side those iconic figures. I wouldn’t say that about just anyone, BERDEL owns, she Daddy Warbucks owns!

I don’t want to oversell this flick too much. The more you like the other films I mentioned the more you’re likely to dig this. The wheel may remain un-reinvented but frankly, I don’t want a new wheel, I just want the one that I know and love to spin good…COLD PREY 2 spins good. By keeping things simple and direct, learning from past sequel mistakes and presenting a truly compelling heroine, CP2 has created, in my opinion, the best on-going modern horror series that I’m aware of, plus like I said, it’s got snow.

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13 years ago

I love the first one, and now I can’t wait to see this one!