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Traumafessions :: Reader David B. on Teenagers From Outer Space

November 11th, 2009 by aunt john · 2 Comments

I saw this movie in 1965 with my younger brother and sister when I was six years old. The movie starts with two astronomers in an observatory discussing a possible UFO sighting. We then see the flying saucer landing. A cute little dog that saw the saucer land runs up to it and starts barking at it. The top of the flying saucer opens and a helmeted alien with a ray gun pops out and Sparky, the cute little dog, gets zapped into a gruesome little dog skeleton that clatters to the ground. …Instant trauma!

I have never forgotten that moment, none of us kids said a word, all three of us just sat there in shock as the all too human looking alien took off his helmet and more aliens emerged from the saucer to examine poor little Sparky’s skeletal remains. Later in the movie, one of the aliens goes into a small town and several people get skeletonized in a gun battle. My sister was five at the time and still remembers little Sparky getting zapped into skeleton bones. That movie is probably why my three-year-old little brother feared skeletons through most of his childhood.

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11 years ago

Before -> After.  That really cracked me up.
The skeleton/1960’s horror reference, of course, made me think of the totally fun homage The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra.  If the poster has not seen this gem, I would definitely recommend it.

11 years ago

Your brother was afraid of skeletons? Glad to see I wasnt the only one with the fear as a kid. 😛 I think this would freak me out too.