Crowhaven Farm

crowhaven farm witch burningAside from cranking out some of the finest prime-time soap operas to ever grace the small screen, uber producer Aaron Spelling also had a hand in executive producing some of the more memorable supernatural movies-of-the-week in the ‘70s. CROWHAVEN FARM stars HOPE LANGE and PAUL BURKE, as Maggie, a legal secretary prone to bouts of puritanical déjà vu, and Ben Porter, her annoyingly insecure, stay-at-home artist husband. Maggie inherits the titular country estate from some dead relative after the original inheritor dies in an automotive explosion. Upon arriving at the farm, Maggie is overcome by an eerie sense of familiarity and the desire to hightail it out of there. Useless husband Ben decides that the barn would be the perfect place to set up a studio and a gallery for his uninspired abstract creations. Somewhat bored, and somewhat spooked by the onslaught of premonitions featuring angry pilgrims, Maggie goes back to work since Ben can’t seem to earn a living. Unannounced, a pack of swingers swing by Crowhaven Farm who announce themselves as being The Weekenders. Maggie learns from them that a pack of 15th century puritans were slaughtered there because of a turncoat, ala the Salem Witch Trails (in a much less publicized fashion). Shortly thereafter, the long-barren Porters end up caring for a dead-eyed, blonde girl named Jennifer. Maggie finally gets pregnant, and creepy lil’ Jennifer does her best to stir the turd, and make Ben think that his wife got knocked up by one of the aforementioned Weekenders. After Maggie gives birth, she ends up being confronted by a posse of perturbed pilgrims, the same ones from her sundry premonitions. They try to crush her beneath a door laden with bricks, as payback for her selling them down the river in a previous life. Wisely, as the weight of the stones weighs upon her, Maggie offers up her dumb husband Ben as trade for her and her baby’s safe release. Maggie does escape but, in an obvious back lot made to look like Central Park, she encounters a cop who can tie a bow just like her late husband. Apparently, the circle of déjà vu can not be broken.INDELIBLE SCENE(S):

  • Jennifer teasing Maggie with Ben’s ring
  • Angry pilgrim mob scene
  • Maggie goes under the door
  • The bite marks on Ben’s back
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13 years ago

I remember “the pressing scene” vividly. This movie sort of epitomizes what this blog is about, really, doesn’t it? Wish I could see it again.

Kathryn McCann
10 years ago

I’ve just flipped the telly over to The Return (2006, with Sarah Michelle Geller) and got that eerie sense of deja vu. The plot seems strangely similar to a creepy film about witchcraft and reincarnation that I’ve often thought about since I watched it, many years ago.

Thankfully a bit of Googling brought me to this blog post and I now know that film was Crowhaven Farm. Thanks Kindertrauma!

Like the other poster, I also vividly remember the pressing scene. The music really stuck with me too.

Very creepy film and one I’d love to watch again.