The old gray mare just ain't what she used to be and the St. Bernard ain't feeling too hot either. Previously precious pooch Cujo got his schnozola chomped by a perturbed bat, and now he's riding the rabies train! Consequently, E.T's mom DEE WALLACE and her little son DANNY PINTAURO are beginning to look like two oversize chew toys to the killer canine. What did they do to deserve the mongrel's wrath? Well, she's having an adulteress affair (Don't worry it's with her real life love CHRISTOPHER STONE) and he's well, he'll grow up to be Jonathan Bower on WHO'S THE BOSS? That could get anybody's dander up! Don't expect high adventure; most of the action takes place in a stalled Pinto. Director LEWIS TEAGUE (ALLIGATOR) is more interested in claustrophobic tension and he brings it by the bucketful. Both leads are put through the ringer, and both deliver spotless performances. We're all quite aware of the awesomeness that is Dee Wallace, so it's Pintauro who surprises. His near constant whines and whimpers may be annoying (especially when a ringing telephone is added to the mix) but I can't think of a more authentic portrayal of anguish by a child so young. (Dude was six!)


  • Don't blame Cujo, it's all the bat's fault!
  • Child star BILLY JACOBY (SUPERSTITION, BLOODY BIRTHDAY) confronts Cujo in the fog
  • "Nothing wrong here!" commercial for cereal that makes you pee red
  • In the best scene in any movie ever, mom of the century Dee finally looses her shit and screams "Alright I'll get your daddy!" with all the red-faced rage of a woman who is beyond exhaustion. Get this woman on THE ACTOR'S STUDIO! Dee hit the zone!
  • Heads up Cujo, Dee found a Louisville slugger!
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14 years ago

i still can't watch cujo!
i tried reading the book about ten years ago and couldn't even finish it! i just happened to have a car trouble and my mechanic lived in the middle of no where down a dirt road…and he had a couple dogs.
i was like…ummm no i really shouldn't be reading this write now!

13 years ago

"Alright, I'll get your daddy!" still moves something in me, fully capturing the ultimate decision between doing the safe thing and doing what's going to save her son. Great, great performance! Doesn't anyone realize this?!

13 years ago

I just read this book, having seen this movie a few times, on TV especially, and the book is SO SUPERIOR that I can't even explain it.  The book is worth a good read NOW, even though you'll be catapulted back in time through some of the nostalgic touches that go beyond "she doesn't have a cell phone."