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It’s hard for me to try to follow up WIL’s sexual Kindertrauma unless you count that I like playing dress up and running through haunted houses. I guess I could say my first memory of a horror film was when I was a few years old and my dad let me watch SQUIRM.

It was a ridiculous film about killer worms (!), but I really dug it. There is a scene at the end where the angry schlep finally confronts the handsome dude that stole his girl. Angry schlep is covered in worms that are coming out of his face and he throws handsome dude into a pit and screams, “Now you be the worm face!” That was silly, but it stuck with me. So here I was, cute little Molly, running around calling people worm faces.

My fascination with scaring people and being scared and watching over-the-top antics in film just grew from there. I moved onto films like KILLER WORKOUT, MICROWAVE MASSACRE, the PROM NIGHT series, DON’T GO IN THE WOODS, BEYOND THE DOOR, and more. My dad kinda fed my habit. Every time he would travel for work, he would go to the $1 movie bin at gas stations across the U.S. and try to find me an obscure film that I haven’t seen at the video store. That is when my dad found BAD TASTE, which he says caught his eye because it looked “neat.”

My dad continued with his tradition of the family renting videos every Friday night and ordering pizza. He would take my younger sister and me to the local Khone’s Video store to peruse the aisles. My sister would always get 2 kid films or cartoons. My dad would get 2 comedies or action flicks. And I would always get 3 horror films.

The deal was everyone could get 2 films of their choice. I would always narrow it down to 3 movies that I wanted and could not choose between. So my dad would let me get all 3 if I could explain why I wanted each one. I would come up with things like, “This one has the coolest cover,” or “This one says there is a well orchestrated orgy of violence,” or this has “Someone impaled on something on the back cover, so it must be good,” and so on. Bear in mind I am about 11 years old and talking about these things as though they were a serious matter.

So every time I would present my argument and every time my dad would let me get three instead of just two. This happened every Friday night. Now my dad is a very intelligent man, so I really doubt I was running some hardcore game on him at 11 years old. He was just cool and let me get what I wanted because he could tell it really meant something to me. He never censored what I watched and I am grateful for that.

This past Halloween, my dad and sister mailed me a special package with the Japanese movie KIBAKICHI and some Horror Icon styluses. As you can tell, horror films brought us close and we remain close to this day. I’ll give you one guess what my dad is mailing me for Christmas this year….

EDITOR’S NOTE: Molly, If you’d like to take a gander at ol’ worm face again, CLICK HERE

How adorable is little Molly? She’s no worm-face! She can usually be found hanging out with Wil over at Go visit her now!

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