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Dead Snow

November 30th, 2009 by unkle lancifer · 3 Comments

I really love to travel especially when it involves not leaving my house. Norway, you are my new favorite place to visit through my T.V. , from my couch, covered in multiple blankets and adopted strays. Since I’m still experiencing a residual high after my duel satisfying experiences encountering COLD PREYs 1&2, I thought it was just about time to take a shot of that other Norwegian horror flick that I’ve been hearing so much about, DEAD SNOW. You know, the one with the Nazi zombies.

Now, if you think your Unkle Lancifer will just roll over for any movie that takes place in the snow involving Nazi zombies regardless of how well made it is then all I can say is thanks for paying attention and I’m so happy that you know who I am and what I’m about as a person. You officially know me better than most of my so-called friends. Honesty is not usually my forte, but I have no problem admitting that this movie’s job seducing me was half done the moment it was put into the can.

As luck would have it, I don’t have to feel to guilty for having a predetermined affection for DEAD SNOW. Its lighthearted, cartoonish fun, and it wears its admiration of all things EVIL DEAD right on its thermal sleeve. Still, DEAD SNOW is not without its yellow patches; its wafer thin characters and fuzzy logic keep it miles away from being as compelling as it could have been. Blame the script or lackadaisical casting but if I can only identify a character by what they are wearing or how long their hair is there’s a problem. Not that they grow on trees but a BRUCE CAMPBELL or a INGRID BOLSO BERDAL would have made a gargantuan difference.

Having typed that, there is something to be said for a film that delivers the gore goods and action set pieces and doesn’t tax emotionally. It may end up being drive-thru disposable but at least if you watch it with others, you’ll never have to tell them to shut up during the important parts. I could have done without the dusty, eye-rolling “suiting up with kick ass weapons” montage but the fourteen-year-old ‘80s kid sitting behind the steering wheel in my brain deigned a scene with a head being ripped in two by hand notably rewind worthy. (I was equally heart-eyed over a bit that finds a guy hanging over a cliff by an intestine.)

DEAD SNOW is a visual stunner and a overall good time that could have been even better if there was even the slightest attempt at depth or characterization. Frankly, for all its splatter-ific glory, the scene that left me most disturbed involved two people having sex in an outhouse while one is actually sitting down on the toilet (!) Call me a prude, but THAT my kinderpals is just disgusting.

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11 years ago

This I haven’t seen…………yet.  As a kid I did “grow up” watching this:

  It is a 1977 Nazi Zombie movie that features John Carradine and a pre-“Invasion of the Body Snatchers” Brooke Adams.  It also has a fresh from “Star Wars” Peter Cushing. USA “Up All Night” played this at times.  It’s pretty decent though the low budget shows with the cheap synthesizer horror music-typical of low financed horror movies in the 70’s. 

11 years ago

I love that I can almost blindly trust your opinion Unkle Lucifer 🙂 Dead Snow is definately worth watching! I saw it last night and it was everything you said it was (and wasn’t).  🙂

10 years ago

I enjoyed this movie, but I must agree with Unkle Lancifer that the “outhouse” sex scene was gross! Ewww!