Five Favorite Things:: Electric Babysitter on Waxwork (1988)

It’s fair to say Waxwork is not a great movie. However, when it comes to Anthony Hickox’s resume, I’ll take Waxwork over a CD cenobite any day (I’m looking at you Hellraiser III)! Take a moment with me, won’t you? As I try to plead my case for this tonally awkward 80s oddball.

  1. The Cast

A lot of the performances in this movie are ahem not necessarily the best, but let’s give a participation award! Zach Galligan, Billy Peltzer himself…Gizmo would be proud! Dana Ashbrook aka Bobby Briggs (Twin Peaks forever!) And most importantly, Deborah Foreman…because it’s probably time for you to rewatch April Fool’s Day for the 100th time.

  1. The Anthology Vibe

Even though this movie is technically not an anthology, each time a character enters a waxwork, we’re introduced to a new story and characters. Each new set piece is like a mini horror movie!

  1. The Special Effects/Gore

This movie has some impressive make-up and gore! In fact Bob Keen, who also worked on Hellraiser and Candyman, helped to design the werewolf in the Dana Ashbrook segment.

  1. (To piggyback off #3) China and Count Dracula

Arguably the best and most memorable segment is when China (Michelle Johnson) meets Count Dracula. There’s copious amounts of gore and great lines like, “Ah yes, steak tartare.” Plus major fashion moment, because her dress is gorgeous…y’know before it gets all blood soaked.

  1. (And to piggyback off #4) Miles O’Keeffe

How much Keeffe is in this movie anyway? MILES O’KEEFFE! (MSTies where ya at?)

You can watch Waxwork on Tubi now! After that, (whorish self-promotion), check out Electric Babysitter HERE and Electric Babysitter on IG! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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James Lewis
2 years ago

I watched this on Tubi recently, too. I might have seen it on TV sometime in the 90s…maybe? For all its faults, it is still very charming in a weird way. I like my horror to sit cheek by jowl with humor. The horror movies of this time period really excelled at turning screams into laughs (and vice versa).

2 years ago

Also free on Vudu if Tubi drops it for some reason.

2 years ago

I watched Waxwork for the first time at an Alamo Drafthouse screening in Brooklyn, which was a treat. The monster-free-for-all fight scene at the climax of the movie was a delight.